Air Quality & Ventilation

Whether it is extreme cold or extreme hot weather, air and ventilation is always needed, but in this whole process of ventilation, air-quality is an important aspect we often overlook. We do often relate coughing, sneezing and other nasal allergies to outdoor pollution but according to the EPA(Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air and environment can be at minimum 2-5 times more polluted than the outdoor and prime reason can be the indoor air quality and ventilation.

Modern HVAC systems not only provide hot air in cold and chilled air in hot weather, but they also are well equipped to maintain good temperature and indoor air quality. In this whole process of maintaining healthy indoor temperature and air quality, HVAC systems have to bring in the polluted air from outdoor and apply processes on it including Filtration, Humidification/Dehumidification and Purification etc. By the passage of time and due to excessive usage, these air quality and ventilation components of HVAC systems often get non-functional and hence such HVAC systems fail to maintain quality indoor environment.

We at 24/7 Heating & Cooling provides you with a complete range of air-quality solutions and services. We bring US designed and manufactured Goodman’s Clean Comfort Indoor products that are specially designed and are well trusted to create a hygienic indoor atmosphere.






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